A Film by Steven Gladstone                            

In order to win a college scholarship a cheerleader must survive the night babysitting a zombie

Festival Info

Producer/Director/D.P. - Steven Gladstone is a director, cinematographer, and producer of narrative films, documentaries and the owner of Gladstone Films, an independent production company. He has been working in the film business since 1989 in the United States and worldwide. Steven started out by shooting the "It takes two" music video in the dark underbelly of the New York Indy music scene. He was Director of Photography of four feature length films as well as numerous commercials, music videos and short films. He spent 18 months videotaping interviews with Holocaust survivors for Steven Spielberg's Survivor of the Shoah Foundation. He has traveled the world as a sound recordist on "The Race to Save the Planet" documentary series. He worked at Broadcast Arts, a commercial animation and effects house, where he was the primary animation camera assistant for the first two Bud Bowl commercials, as well as being the motion graphics cameraman for Broadcast Arts, and Eye Design, before leaving animation for live action. Steven has a master's degree in communication arts from the New York Institute of Technology, and spent four years teaching editing and production at the Gibbs school in Long Island. He spent two years as the primary D.P. on the Stonestreet studios web series "The 47th Floor." Steven has received the Communicator Award for his P.S.A. - "Save a Tree", and has had a technical article published in "Show Reel" magazine.
Steven's latest screenplay is "Resurrection of Blake House" a haunted house film. Currently he is polishing his Indie Chick Flick feature screenplay "Winter Money."
Steven is the creative force behind the blog Indie Kicker His professional website is: Gladstone Films
Writer - Cameron Harrison was always told to write what he knows. Instead he wrote a script about babysitting zombies. Hellion is the first script he's written for someone else, and he's been honored and bemused to watch Steven do all the heavy lifting of bringing it to life. If you'd like to see more creations from his twisted mind, check out the OuchMouth Productions YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/OuchMouth

Special Effects Make-up - Amy Wadford, The Pittypat Makeup Company Invites you to visit Pittypat Makeup Co.
Amy's Current Resume

Composer - Pontus H.W. Gunve Composer, Musician, and guitarist Pontus H.W. Gunve, originally from Sweden, was drawn to the Big Apple in the late 90's where he earned his Masters degree in Music Technology from New York University. He now works closely with musicians, artists, and directors worldwide. His work includes award winning feature films, short films, international art installations, advertisements, music compositions, music productions, and he is now active putting his band project PHWG on the road, and is also recording a new album due out by the end of 2011. PHWG is a 6 piece progressive rock band (guitar, cello, violin, tabla, drums, and bass) The electric guitar is at the heart of composers Pontus Gunve's mostly instrumental music, and he craftily combines elements of progressive rock, electronic, and Western and Indian classical music. Music that drifts, moves, turns, and takes the listener on a journey. For more information you can visit www.gunve.com

Lyricist - When not writing lyrics, Karen Sue "Kate" Gladstone is CEO of HandwritingThatWorks.com as well as director of the World Handwriting Contest, co-designer of the iOS app BETTER LETTERS, and holder of US Patent #5,018,208 for a signature verification system for pen-based computers. She is listed in WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA 2011. Interesting facts:
1. At college, Kate was kicked out of a logicians' club ... for being (according to the club president) too logical.
2. The first friend Kate ever made, she married. Eighteen years later, they are still married.